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Hey NYC – support small businesses affected by Sandy when you check in for Rally Downtown

On Dec. 7, New Yorkers can compete for prizes and help rebuild small businesses in Manhattan by taking part in a Foursquare scavenger hunt. The hunt is just one part of Rally Downtown, a two-day event designed by StartUp New … Continue reading

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Put a big red bow on your check-ins with a $10 donation from Lexus

This December, Lexus is donating $10 to the Boys and Girls Club of America every(!) time you check in on Foursquare. And, they’ll double the donation when you check in at a dealership. To make sure your check-ins count, go … Continue reading

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Drinks. Pizza. More drinks. Cab home. Connect the Rager app to get all the necessary info for your night out

Going out in New York and painting the town red with your friends? Connect the Rager app to your Foursquare account here. The next time you check in at a bar, you’ll see recommendations from friends and the pros at … Continue reading

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From the African coast to Indonesia – unlock the Tunis and Manado #4sqCities badges

Bab el Bahr and Bunaken are the last two #4sqCities contest winners, but you may see more city badges cropping up from time to time. Another big thanks to everyone who participated! To unlock these badges, check in at five spots on … Continue reading

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Check in for charity at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, find Black Friday deals, and more!

In New York watching the parade tomorrow? While you’re watching Hello Kitty float by, don’t forget to check in to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and snap some photos while you’re at it. For every check in, Aflac will donate … Continue reading

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Be the first to know! Find all the new spots in your neighborhood with one tap

Want to find the latest and greatest in your neighborhood? With today’s iPhone update, we’ve added a one-tap way to find “Recently Opened” places in Explore. Just tap the search icon and scroll down to select it. Break out of … Continue reading

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The first prototype of Foursquare ever presented, 4 years ago today

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Shop small in the UK get money back all November with Foursquare and American Express

Live in the UK? Need a haircut, new pair of shoes, or a pint to round out the workday? This month, get money-back rewards for supporting local businesses with our ‘Spend

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Share a great check-in with even more friends – you can now mention Facebook friends who aren’t on Foursquare

With Monday’s iOS update, you can now mention Facebook friends who aren’t on Foursquare in your check-ins. Just tap the add friend icon when you’re checking in and scroll down to find them. Your friends will get a notification on Facebook, … Continue reading

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A time lapse of Foursquare activity in NYC during Sandy, plus a simple way to help every time you check in

Our visualization of the before and after of the storm last week got a lot of attention, so we decided to dig a bit deeper and show how check-in patterns change during an event of Hurricane Sandy’s magnitude. Here’s a time … Continue reading

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Foursquare Explore now has ratings powered by where people actually like to go, not just star ratings

With today’s iOS update, we’ve made finding the best place on-the-go even easier. Now when you search for somewhere to go in Explore, you’ll see a score from 1 to 10 next to the name of a place. It’s our way … Continue reading

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Everything you need to know for election day (and a badge) at election.foursquare.com

Election day is tomorrow and we’ve teamed up with Engage, Google, the Voting Information Project, the Pew Center on the States, and the New Organizing Institute to help you make the most of it! Here’s how: 1. Questions about voting? Connect … Continue reading

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Everything you need to know – connect the “I Voted” app to make the most of the 2012 elections

November 6 is less than a week away! We’ve teamed up with folks at Engage, Google, the Voting Information Project, the Pew Center on the States, and the New Organizing Institute to help you make the most of the 2012 elections. … Continue reading

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Find the best places on-the-go, no signup required. Take Explore for a spin on your BlackBerry today!

We recently launched Explore on Foursquare.com for everyone to use. We’ve gotten really great at making local recommendations, thanks to our nearly 3 billion check-ins and 30 million tips. And, we do it in a way that nobody else can: even … Continue reading

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Halloween weekend is here! Dress up, check in, get weird.

It’s that time again – dust off your “Hocus Pocus” VHS and start constructing that epic Bananagrams costume you’ve been talking about since last year. Even though Halloween isn’t until Wednesday, we’re kicking off the spooky festivities a bit early … Continue reading

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A date with Dennis, the Title Belt, and more – announcing our Global Hackathon prizes (sign up today!)

Calling all hackers – the Foursquare Hackathon is just two weeks away! On November 3, the person (or team) that builds the best new connected app using the Foursquare API will win the famed Foursquare Title Belt, a custom Marsbot cartoon … Continue reading

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Superheroes, superfans, and cosplay – #NYCC attendees nerd out with help from Foursquare

Last weekend, the 6th annual Comic Con took New York City by storm. More than 5,000 Storm Troopers, Princess Bubblegums, and Walking Dead checked in, left helpful tips, and shared photos to let friends in on the fun: Foursquare’s the perfect sidekick when … Continue reading

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Find the best places to go and things to try with almost 30 million insider tips on Foursquare

Sometimes, when you’re looking for a new place to try, it’s more helpful to get a short insider tip or suggestion than to read a long review. Lucky for you, Foursquare has nearly 30 million of them to help you … Continue reading

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Reinventing local search for everyone – get the power of Foursquare Explore’s personalized recommendations, now without signing up.

Every day, people use Foursquare Explore over a million times for personalized recommendations, whether they’re looking for a romantic dinner spot or a fun family outing. Today, we’re making it available to everyone, everywhere – Foursquare.com now provides the best … Continue reading

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Setting off on a road trip? Let Foursquare Explore’s tips and maps be your guide

Foursquare helps you find places nearby right when you need them – which makes it the perfect road trip companion. Whether you’re passing through somewhere familiar or completely new, we’ll point you to the best restaurants, motels, pit stops, and … Continue reading

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