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Making a Better Map: four months of @OpenStreetMap with @MapBox & @foursquare

Earlier this year, we embraced the OpenStreetMap movement, changing all the maps on foursquare.com to gorgeous maps powered by MapBox. Today, we’re featuring a guest post from MapBox data lead Alex Barth on how MapBox works with the foursquare community and OpenStreetMap … Continue reading

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From Castle Sch

To unlock Blue Danube, check in to five spots on the Vienna list at foursquare.com/4sqCities. Eat an apfelstrudel for us! And many thanks to our #4sqCities contest winner for helping to create this badge!  

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Developer preview! Build your app directly into foursquare with our new Connected Apps platform

Over 25,000 developers use the foursquare API to build apps based around people’s experiences in the real world. Until today, though, those apps, whether they help keep people healthy, plan trips, or even give dogs a treat, have been stand-alone. … Continue reading

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From Port Royal to the Saint-Laurent, Kingston and Trois-Rivi

To unlock Jah-Mek-Yah and Cit

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For all of our amazing @foursquareAPI developers – say hello to a custom (free!) @MapBox plan!

A few months ago, we changed all the maps on foursquare.com, embracing the OpenStreetMaps movement using gorgeous maps powered by MapBox. Today, we’re extending that partnership to the over 25,000 developers using the foursquare API. As part of our partnership, MapBox is … Continue reading

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Download #allnew4sq to your BlackBerry today!

Just over two weeks ago we released #allnew4sq – our completely re-imagined app, torn apart and rebuilt anew to make it even easier to share and save your experiences and discover amazing things nearby, as soon as you open up the … Continue reading

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Wayne Newton or Voodoo Doughnuts? Choose your own adventure with new city badges for Las Vegas and Portland!

Taking a weekend jaunt to Sin City anytime soon? Planning a Portland brewery pilgrimage? foursquare can help you make the most of your trips (Pro tip: start working on those tans and beards ASAP). To hit up the best of … Continue reading

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Pomp, circumstance, and a badge! Commencement ’12 with @4sqOnCampus

This graduation season we were excited to see everyone sharing the big day on foursquare (and unlocking the Hats Off badge too!). Here are some amazing highlights from commencement 2012 on foursquare! Syracuse encouraged students to check in to their “Real World” … Continue reading

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Cobblestones, castles, and new badges! Riga and Ghent, it’s your turn. #4sqCities

From historic architecture and picturesque streets to hoppin’ nightlife and techno extravaganzas, unlocking the Gem of the Baltics and City of Three Towers badges will have you living life to the fullest. These badges were created with the help and expertise of our … Continue reading

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From @maroon5 to @ollyofficial, keep up with your favorite artists on #allnew4sq!

With tons of amazing artists checking in, leaving tips, and bestowing exclusive specials on fans at their shows, foursquare is great for music lovers. And, with #allnew4sq, it’s even easier to follow your favorite musicians’ tips, lists, and tour stops, right … Continue reading

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Trending places, friends nearby, photo slideshows and more – 5 #allnew4sq features to check out!

There’s a lot you can do with #allnew4sq, from figuring out what to do Friday night to expressing your love for cheese. Take a look at 5 more features to take advantage of in the new app: 1. Check in quickly … Continue reading

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The #allnew4sq is here. Download it now!

We founded foursquare with a pretty lofty goal: to help people make the most of where they are. It’s a hard problem to solve, and, after three years of seeing how our 20-million strong community has used the app, we’re … Continue reading

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Starting tomorrow, join the fight against AIDS with (RED) while picking up your morning coffee!

foursquare is about helping people make the most of where they are. Sometimes that’s about meeting up with friends and sometimes it’s about finding a new place. Starting tomorrow, though, it’s about helping create an AIDS free generation. In partnership … Continue reading

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Hey UK, say hello to @foursquare and @AmericanExpress savings!

People love using foursquare to discover new places and explore the world around them. For many, a big part of that is finding Specials and savings at shops they love. Since March 2011, foursquare has teamed up with American Express to offer Cardmembers … Continue reading

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Bollywood and beyond – Mumbai, meet your badge! #4sqCities

What better way to kick off the weekend than with a new badge? We give you, Mi Mumbaikar, another #4sqCities winner! How might you earn this snazzy Mumbai city badge? By jetting on over to India and checking to five … Continue reading

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From macaroni to McGraw Tower, announcing the @4sqOnCampus #4sqBucketList winners!

You filled up your bucket lists with all the must-visit spots around campus before leaving for summer, and we’ve picked our favorites! Here are the three winners (in no particular order) who will be receiving Super Swag Packs – now go … Continue reading

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Win your ticket to the 2012 Olympic Games in London with foursquare!

The Summer Olympics hit London in less than ten weeks and the International Olympic Committee wants to reward the foursquare community with a trip to London 2012! All you have to do is get out and celebrate Olympic Day (June … Continue reading

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Want to find new favorites? Check out ‘Explore nearby’ for shortcuts to places like the ones you love

Love your weekend BBQ outings but tired of doing the same stuff again and again? foursquare has a great way to find places like the ones you already know and love, plus a bunch of other fun things to do … Continue reading

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Dune bashing and la lucha libre – presenting the first of the global badge winners! #4sqCities

With Doha Denizen to the east, and Santiaguino a full and Tenochtitlan to the west, we bring you the first batch of the non-U.S. #4sqCities contest winners! Want to see these shiny new badges in your trophy case? Step 1: travel to the city … Continue reading

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foursquare tips, brought to life on campuses!

From the JayBowl at Kansas to the annual Fiesta event at UT-San Antonio, foursquare campus ambassadors have been making foursquare tips come to life by putting up hand-written versions around their schools, filled with fun tips about places and activities for students … Continue reading

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