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Thanks for celebrating #4sqDay with us around the world!

Two days after 4sqDay, we’re still smiling over all of the tweets, photos, and specials from around the world. 4sqDay is all about celebrating our communities, and the ways people use Foursquare to find their new favorite coffee shop, that … Continue reading

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Celebrate local businesses this #4sqDay (today!) — find specials with Explore

In celebration of 4sqDay, thousands of businesses are running specials — and there’s still time to unlock them! To find a special near you, search the app for ‘specials’ or visit foursquare.com/explore, then check in to show support for your … Continue reading

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Happy #4sqDay, and a huge thank you to our incredible community!

At Foursquare, we’ve always known how very special our community is. Today, April 16 (4/4^2), marks the fourth annual 4sqDay. Each year, we take this opportunity to thank our amazing community for all that they do. From checking in, to … Continue reading

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Run a local business? Offer a Foursquare Special this April and get featured on our site on #4sqDay!

4sqDay is an annual celebration, started and powered by Foursquare fans around the world. Every year on April 16, people celebrate 4sqDay and local businesses in their community by getting together, throwing parties, and checking in to their favorite local … Continue reading

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Compare recommendations faster with our new Explore update on iPhone

Whether your go-to brunch spot is too crowded, or you’re walking around looking for dinner options after a movie, it’s great to be able to find places quickly. With today’s iPhone release, we’ve updated Explore to show you more recommendations … Continue reading

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Start saving money with new seamless Foursquare Specials for your credit card

For the past couple years, Foursquare and American Express have partnered to offer specials at over 100,000 different businesses to help people save money. These specials are super easy to redeem — Amex Cardmembers simply sync their card to their … Continue reading

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Fulham Football Club comes to Foursquare!

Fulham fans rejoice – your team is leaving awesome tips and running some great specials on Foursquare! Whether you’re checking in at the Cottage or yelling, “Come On You Whites!” at your television, make sure you like their page to see … Continue reading

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Shop ’til you drop (and save a ton!) in the UK when you sync your Amex card to Foursquare

All month long, American Express Cardmembers in the UK can save money at the places they love when they check in and unlock money-saving Amex specials on Foursquare. These are just some of the great deals you’ll see in Explore … Continue reading

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Shop small in the UK get money back all November with Foursquare and American Express

Live in the UK? Need a haircut, new pair of shoes, or a pint to round out the workday? This month, get money-back rewards for supporting local businesses with our ‘Spend

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Check in for charity, prizes, and free beer from Richard Branson (!) at this weekend’s Virgin Mobile FreeFest

If you’re heading to the Virgin Mobile FreeFest in Maryland this weekend, be on the lookout for some awesome Foursquare specials. For every check-in at the festival, Virgin Mobile will donate $1 to benefit homeless youth. When enough people check in, the … Continue reading

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Tapas tours and prix fixe menus – fine dining doesn’t have to be pricey. In May, Foursquare-powered American Express specials made their way across the pond to the UK. And now, during the London Restaurant Festival from October 1 to 15, … Continue reading

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Tag along on tour with @LadyAntebellum, @MacMiller, and @RealWizKhalifa with foursquare!

Ever wonder when your favorite musicians will be passing through town? Love hearing about Maroon 5’s old stomping grounds or what Big Boi eats for dinner? Catching up with your favorite bands or solo acts is easy with foursquare. Just like their … Continue reading

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Looking for a place to go? Shop small and look out for promoted specials from @AmericanExpress at over 100,000 local businesses!

If you’ve searched for specials in Explore or checked in to your favorite local business recently, you may have noticed an awesome ‘spend $10, get $5’ American Express special. Now, with the release of promoted updates, American Express is helping … Continue reading

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From @maroon5 to @ollyofficial, keep up with your favorite artists on #allnew4sq!

With tons of amazing artists checking in, leaving tips, and bestowing exclusive specials on fans at their shows, foursquare is great for music lovers. And, with #allnew4sq, it’s even easier to follow your favorite musicians’ tips, lists, and tour stops, right … Continue reading

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Hey UK, say hello to @foursquare and @AmericanExpress savings!

People love using foursquare to discover new places and explore the world around them. For many, a big part of that is finding Specials and savings at shops they love. Since March 2011, foursquare has teamed up with American Express to offer Cardmembers … Continue reading

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