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Now you can check in at supersonic speed – just tap and hold!

Sometimes, you just want to check in quickly so you can dig into your meal or chat with friends. With the latest iPhone update, you can check in at lightning speed. Now when you tap the check in button and … Continue reading

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Discover new places, make the most of your visits, and see interesting insights after every check-in

Foursquare is all about helping you make the most of where you are. With today’s iPhone update, we’ve made it even easier to decide where to go and what to do when you get there (and to learn interesting things … Continue reading

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Superheroes, superfans, and cosplay – #NYCC attendees nerd out with help from Foursquare

Last weekend, the 6th annual Comic Con took New York City by storm. More than 5,000 Storm Troopers, Princess Bubblegums, and Walking Dead checked in, left helpful tips, and shared photos to let friends in on the fun: Foursquare’s the perfect sidekick when … Continue reading

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Trending places, friends nearby, photo slideshows and more – 5 #allnew4sq features to check out!

There’s a lot you can do with #allnew4sq, from figuring out what to do Friday night to expressing your love for cheese. Take a look at 5 more features to take advantage of in the new app: 1. Check in quickly … Continue reading

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