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Download #allnew4sq to your BlackBerry today!

Just over two weeks ago we released #allnew4sq – our completely re-imagined app, torn apart and rebuilt anew to make it even easier to share and save your experiences and discover amazing things nearby, as soon as you open up the … Continue reading

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From @maroon5 to @ollyofficial, keep up with your favorite artists on #allnew4sq!

With tons of amazing artists checking in, leaving tips, and bestowing exclusive specials on fans at their shows, foursquare is great for music lovers. And, with #allnew4sq, it’s even easier to follow your favorite musicians’ tips, lists, and tour stops, right … Continue reading

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Trending places, friends nearby, photo slideshows and more – 5 #allnew4sq features to check out!

There’s a lot you can do with #allnew4sq, from figuring out what to do Friday night to expressing your love for cheese. Take a look at 5 more features to take advantage of in the new app: 1. Check in quickly … Continue reading

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The #allnew4sq is here. Download it now!

We founded foursquare with a pretty lofty goal: to help people make the most of where they are. It’s a hard problem to solve, and, after three years of seeing how our 20-million strong community has used the app, we’re … Continue reading

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