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Chronometers! Fancy satellites! We’re nerding out on the new #TimeNav exhibit at the Smithsonian

Explorers! This Friday, the Smithsonian is launching a new Time & Navigation exhibit at the National Air and Space Museum, which looks at the history and future of navigating the earth, air, space, and sea. Given our passion for exploring and discovering … Continue reading

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The new Foursquare, 4 years and 3.5 billion check-ins in the making

When we launched Foursquare in 2009, we wanted to help you navigate the world by showing you where your friends were hanging out. Now, after four years and over 3.5 billion check-ins, we’ve discovered new ways to figure out the … Continue reading

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Run a local business? Offer a Foursquare Special this April and get featured on our site on #4sqDay!

4sqDay is an annual celebration, started and powered by Foursquare fans around the world. Every year on April 16, people celebrate 4sqDay and local businesses in their community by getting together, throwing parties, and checking in to their favorite local … Continue reading

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It’s the first day of spring! Time for parks, biergartens, and brunch on the patio.

Spring is in the air (today’s the first official day!). Why not open up Foursquare Explore and search for things like “parks,” “gardens,” “picnics,” or even “kites” to find a sunny place to while away an afternoon? No need to … Continue reading

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The best things nearby, right now — right when you open Foursquare.

With today’s Android update, we’re giving you more recommendations, right when you open the app. When you’re in a new city or neighborhood, Foursquare will show you popular places, sites, and must-see attractions. When you’re on your home turf, we’ll … Continue reading

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Local tips, panels, parties, and perks – make the most of #SXSW 2013 with Foursquare!

Time flies! It’s hard to believe we’re gearing up for our fifth(!) SXSW adventure. To help you make the most of this year’s festival, we’ve put together a guide to SXSW 2013, along with some extra tips below. Don’t miss … Continue reading

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Now you can check in at supersonic speed – just tap and hold!

Sometimes, you just want to check in quickly so you can dig into your meal or chat with friends. With the latest iPhone update, you can check in at lightning speed. Now when you tap the check in button and … Continue reading

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This #4sqDay, celebrate your favorite local businesses!

Spring has nearly sprung, which means 4sqDay is only a little over a month away! The first 4sqDay was held three years ago by an amazing group of people in Tampa Bay, FL who loved using Foursquare to spread the word … Continue reading

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Compare recommendations faster with our new Explore update on iPhone

Whether your go-to brunch spot is too crowded, or you’re walking around looking for dinner options after a movie, it’s great to be able to find places quickly. With today’s iPhone release, we’ve updated Explore to show you more recommendations … Continue reading

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Start saving money with new seamless Foursquare Specials for your credit card

For the past couple years, Foursquare and American Express have partnered to offer specials at over 100,000 different businesses to help people save money. These specials are super easy to redeem — Amex Cardmembers simply sync their card to their … Continue reading

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Help your friends find great places – send them a link to Explore!

Foursquare Explore helps you find great places nearby, or anywhere in the world. When you’re searching for tacos, shoe stores, or concert spots, we show places based on where you and your friends have been, and on over 3 billion … Continue reading

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Fulham Football Club comes to Foursquare!

Fulham fans rejoice – your team is leaving awesome tips and running some great specials on Foursquare! Whether you’re checking in at the Cottage or yelling, “Come On You Whites!” at your television, make sure you like their page to see … Continue reading

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Plan the ultimate dream date this Valentine’s Day… or just wallow in misery. Foursquare Explore can help either way!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Hopefully you’ve already made plans, but if not, never fear – Foursquare Explore can help you find the perfect flower shop or date spot. Try searching for things like ‘Italian,’ ‘French,’ or ‘oysters’ to find the … Continue reading

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Discover new places, make the most of your visits, and see interesting insights after every check-in

Foursquare is all about helping you make the most of where you are. With today’s iPhone update, we’ve made it even easier to decide where to go and what to do when you get there (and to learn interesting things … Continue reading

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Your wildest froyo fantasy is coming true – be one of the first to check in at the new SoHo @16Handles, and win free froyo for a year (!)

16 Handles, 16 winners. Check in at the new 16 Handles location in SoHo on December 15 (opening day), and if you’re one of the first 16 to unlock the special, you’ll win free froyo for a whole year (one … Continue reading

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Shop ’til you drop (and save a ton!) in the UK when you sync your Amex card to Foursquare

All month long, American Express Cardmembers in the UK can save money at the places they love when they check in and unlock money-saving Amex specials on Foursquare. These are just some of the great deals you’ll see in Explore … Continue reading

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Craving that ice cream sundae your bud just Instagram-ed? Tap the new Foursquare button and save it for later

Foursquare makes it easy to find and remember awesome places you want to try out. The next time you spot a picture of your friend’s latest dessert discovery on Instagram, just tap the name of the place above the photo … Continue reading

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Whatever you’re looking for, Foursquare can help you find it

Foursquare is all about helping you make the most of where you are. One of the things we’ve learned is that people use the app to do this in two ways – deciding where to go, and deciding what to … Continue reading

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Be one of the first 25k to check in (and mention #121212concert) and you’ll trigger a $10 donation to help Hurricane Sandy victims

Throughout the tri-state area, families and businesses are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy. To help fund relief efforts, the 12/12/12 Concert for Sandy Relief at Madison Square Garden will be broadcast live to two billion people worldwide. The concert will benefit … Continue reading

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Manage a business? Now you can add events like trivia nights, wine tastings, and book signings to Foursquare

Foursquare is great for helping customers discover things to do nearby. Starting today, you can add events, like a trivia tournament or open mic night, to Foursquare listings you manage. People will see them: When they’re deciding where to go … Continue reading

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