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Compare recommendations faster with our new Explore update on iPhone

Whether your go-to brunch spot is too crowded, or you’re walking around looking for dinner options after a movie, it’s great to be able to find places quickly. With today’s iPhone release, we’ve updated Explore to show you more recommendations … Continue reading

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Help your friends find great places – send them a link to Explore!

Foursquare Explore helps you find great places nearby, or anywhere in the world. When you’re searching for tacos, shoe stores, or concert spots, we show places based on where you and your friends have been, and on over 3 billion … Continue reading

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Whatever you’re looking for, Foursquare can help you find it

Foursquare is all about helping you make the most of where you are. One of the things we’ve learned is that people use the app to do this in two ways – deciding where to go, and deciding what to … Continue reading

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Reinventing local search for everyone – get the power of Foursquare Explore’s personalized recommendations, now without signing up.

Every day, people use Foursquare Explore over a million times for personalized recommendations, whether they’re looking for a romantic dinner spot or a fun family outing. Today, we’re making it available to everyone, everywhere – Foursquare.com now provides the best … Continue reading

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Secret tunnels & abandoned estates – open up Foursquare to discover your city’s hidden gems

Whether it’s the tucked-away noodle bar or the library’s secret reading room, Foursquare helps you uncover buried treasures – in the form of tips. Want to find hidden staircases, ghost sightings, and secret menu items? Try searching Explore using phrases … Continue reading

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The Perfect Map

Whether you’re near home or traveling in a new city, odds are you turn to your phone pretty frequently to figure out where you’re going. Sometimes you know exactly which restaurant you want to go to, and other times you … Continue reading

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Find the perfect flowers (and the florist where you can get them) for Mother’s Day!

Want to find just the right bouquet to send to mom next weekend? Now when you search for “Flower Shops” on Explore, you can see just what’s for sale at thousands of places across the U.S., thanks to our awesome … Continue reading

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