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Tag along on tour with @LadyAntebellum, @MacMiller, and @RealWizKhalifa with foursquare!

Ever wonder when your favorite musicians will be passing through town? Love hearing about Maroon 5’s old stomping grounds or what Big Boi eats for dinner? Catching up with your favorite bands or solo acts is easy with foursquare. Just like their … Continue reading

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From @maroon5 to @ollyofficial, keep up with your favorite artists on #allnew4sq!

With tons of amazing artists checking in, leaving tips, and bestowing exclusive specials on fans at their shows, foursquare is great for music lovers. And, with #allnew4sq, it’s even easier to follow your favorite musicians’ tips, lists, and tour stops, right … Continue reading

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Madonna, Big Boi, Ani DiFranco, Alicia Keys, The Kooks, and more! Keep up with your favorite artists on foursquare! #4sqFF

For music fans, foursquare is a great way to keep up with your favorite artists, share your concert check-ins with friends, and even see what shows are trending nearby. Plus, with Specials at concerts, musicians can give their fans rewards for … Continue reading

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