Check out the brand new Foursquare.com, highlighting the best places to go, right now.

Foursquare is great to have on your phone when you’re out and about, but sometimes you want to explore from home or work. Today we rolled out a new look for Foursquare.com that brings the best of Foursquare to your … Continue reading

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Big news: today we’re opening up Foursquare Ads to all small businesses around the world.

Here is a problem that all local business owners know: they want to get more customers, but tons of people walk by their storefront without coming in. We created Foursquare Ads to solve this problem. We can connect great local … Continue reading

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Find great places (and friends) nearby, right now, with the newly-updated Foursquare.

Today we’re rolling out some great upgrades to Foursquare. You’ll notice an updated look and feel, with a simple feed that shows you what’s most relevant nearby, right now. What’s new: Real-time recommendations // When you arrive someplace, we can … Continue reading

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Pastrami sandwich? Pumpkin pie? Pork buns? Find it fast with new menu search on Foursquare

You know where to look when you want to find a French restaurant, but what about when you’re specifically craving a croque monsieur? Starting today, Foursquare is expanding our Explore search to include full menus. Type in the dish you’re … Continue reading

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Celebrating our 40,000 Foursquare Superusers and a places database that gets better every day

If you’ve ever wondered how Foursquare’s crowd-sourced database of 55 million places is always up-to-date, a lot of the credit goes to our amazing community of superusers. And this week, it hit a major milestone: we now have over 40,000 … Continue reading

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Have a Windows 8 device? Try out the brand new Foursquare to discover great places

Sometimes, when you’re deciding where to go for dinner, you start that decision at your desk. That’s why we’ve spent so much time building foursquare.com, and why today, we’re releasing a new Foursquare app for those of you with Windows 8 … Continue reading

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A smarter Foursquare, so you don’t miss a thing.

The idea behind Foursquare has always been that, someday, hundreds of millions of people will carry software in their pocket that lets them know when friends are nearby, when places they’ll love are around the corner, and whether nearby merchants … Continue reading

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Making Foursquare Better, One Tap at a Time

You may have noticed that we’ve started adding useful little details about places to Foursquare. Now when you look up a place, you might see specifics like free wi-fi, outdoor seating, and which credit cards are accepted. The way we … Continue reading

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Linking up Foursquare and OpenStreetMap editing

A little over a year ago, we joined the OpenStreetMap movement, switching our maps over to those powered by OpenStreetMap data and Mapbox Streets. Today, we’re expanding upon that by encouraging our community to directly edit map data. Now, Foursquare … Continue reading

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Expanding Foursquare Ads to more small businesses around the world

Foursquare is the app that helps people make the most of where they are and where they’re going, and a big part of that is helping them discover great local businesses. For years, we’ve offered a suite of free tools … Continue reading

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Foursquare for millions more people around the world

Today, we’re releasing an all-new Foursquare app for the full range of Nokia’s S40 phones, including all the new Asha devices. Hundreds of millions of people around the world use Nokia S40 phones, and now they’ll all have access to … Continue reading

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Which places will you try? Eat out every night with money-saving Restaurant Week specials.

You know all those fancy restaurants you’ve been saving for a special occasion? Now’s your chance to try one (or two, or ten) of them without breaking the bank, thanks to money-saving Restaurant Week specials in NYC and LA from Foursquare and … Continue reading

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Our most-requested feature – save time by checking in your friends.

Since we launched mentions last year, we’ve noticed that most people use it to say who they’re with – ‘Dennis’s birthday party,’ ‘Anniversary dinner with Katy,’ or ‘Going for a jog with Ray.’ In fact, well over 90% of mentions … Continue reading

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Victory and ice cream for all! Join us at the real(!) Iron Throne in NYC this Thursday #GameOfCones

You joined the ranks. Each house put up a valiant fight. We tallied your check-ins, and now, House Bi-Rite in San Francisco and House Big Gay in New York have come out on top in the battle for the Iron Cone. If … Continue reading

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Run a business? Check out ways to easily add Foursquare to your social media toolkit.

If you run a business, you may be using more than one social media channel to reach your customers – and maybe even using another product to help you manage them all in one place. A pizza parlor, for example, … Continue reading

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A different kind of time travel – go back to the New York of 100+ years ago

Last week we launched the Foursquare Time Machine to help you relive your past check-ins and adventures. Now there’s the NYPL Time Traveller, an app that transports you a lot further back in time, to the New York of the 1870s … Continue reading

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Say hello to the Foursquare Time Machine

With 4 billion check-ins on Foursquare, we love exploring new ways to visualize all the places people go around the world, and the connections they’re making between them. Now, you can re-live each and everyone of your check-ins, and have your own beautiful visualization … Continue reading

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Nine kings. One cone. Whose banner will you take up? #GameOfCones starts today!

As the sun rises in the east, we march into battle. Only one House may prevail in the fight for the Iron Cone. The time has come to choose sides, check in like a maniac, and eat lots (and lots) … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones got you stressin? Bury your anxiety in ice cream. #GameOfCones

Summer is coming — which means only one thing: ice cream. Lucky for you, Foursquare is great at finding the best spots to secure a scoop in your city. To welcome the arrival of warmer days, we’re highlighting the top ice … Continue reading

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How to kill time waiting for Arrested Development to start this weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner! Whether you’re staycationing in your city (aka counting down the hours until the Arrested Development premier), or taking a trip out of town, Foursquare’s here to help you make the most of it. … Continue reading

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