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NY, SF, London, Ithaca, Madison – the foursquare team wants to meet you on #4sqDay!

4sqDay is less than a week away (April 16), and we’re extremely excited about all the amazing meetups (over 700!), mayor proclamations, Specials, and festivities that foursquare fans around the world are planning. Most of all, the foursquare team is excited to attend the celebrations … Continue reading

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To unlock the Explorador Porte

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Hey hockey fans, the #StanleyCup (and @NHL badge) is here!

Playoff beards, sudden death overtime, octopi on the ice – the Stanley Cup Playoffs are here, and NHL fans have tons to get excited about. Best of all, the NHL is using foursquare to make sure fans can get their hockey … Continue reading

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Get the scoop! Local papers on @foursquare, city guides in your pocket #4sqFF

City papers capture everything from the latest restaurant reviews to the iconic news stories that change our times. And even though you can’t take years of back issues along with you as you explore your neighborhood, you can still have … Continue reading

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Happy 4sqDay from team @foursquare to you!

In 2010, foursquare fans declared April 16 4sqDay (4/4^2 – nerds after our own heart!). Two years and two billion check-ins later, you’re still why we get out of bed each day. Thanks to all 20 million of you for … Continue reading

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Lemonade pong, proclamations and more – #4sqDay roundup, campus edition!

From custom foursquare treats, to games of pong (with lemonade, of course) and four square (the playground kind!), the 4sqDay spirit was alive and strong across college campuses everywhere yesterday. Here’s how some campuses celebrated: Syracuse handed out ice pops, foursquare … Continue reading

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Thanks for celebrating #4sqDay around the world!

It’s the day after 4sqDay and we’re still reeling from the whirlwind of exciting meetups, tweets, photos, and proclamations. Three years running, 4sqDay continues to be a truly global movement, and we couldn’t be more inspired by you, our amazing … Continue reading

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Announcing badges for Greek organizations!

From Alphas to Zetas, Greek organizations everywhere are taking notice of the huge number of students checking in to fraternities, sororities, and events. And because so much of Greek life is about shared community and making a difference in the … Continue reading

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Get outside for Earth Day! Biking and running badges are here

Spring is officially here and we’ve got two new badges to get you outside, just in time for Earth Day this Sunday! Since our Gym Rat and Downward Facing Dog badges have been so popular, we wanted to find more ways for people … Continue reading

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Check-in photos from Coachella 2012!

The past two weekends, thousands of people checked in to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival to share their amazing weekend of music, art, and sunshine with their friends (and get their Coachella badge, too!). We’ve posted some of our … Continue reading

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Madonna, Big Boi, Ani DiFranco, Alicia Keys, The Kooks, and more! Keep up with your favorite artists on foursquare! #4sqFF

For music fans, foursquare is a great way to keep up with your favorite artists, share your concert check-ins with friends, and even see what shows are trending nearby. Plus, with Specials at concerts, musicians can give their fans rewards for … Continue reading

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A bunch of updates for foursquare for BlackBerry!

Hey #TeamBlackBerry, with today’s update, we’ve made some changes to make your foursquare experience on BlackBerry even better, like making the app speedier (yay!) and continuing to improve our GPS logic. Plus, we’ve made it even easier to keep up … Continue reading

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Tassels, caps, gowns – the graduation badge is here!

It’s finally that time of the year for college seniors everywhere. Because you can’t really carry a diploma in your pocket into the real world, here’s a new badge to mark the milestone: To unlock the “Hats Off” badge, just … Continue reading

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Find the perfect flowers (and the florist where you can get them) for Mother’s Day!

Want to find just the right bouquet to send to mom next weekend? Now when you search for “Flower Shops” on Explore, you can see just what’s for sale at thousands of places across the U.S., thanks to our awesome … Continue reading

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A faster way for businesses to start connecting with customers on foursquare

Over 20,000,000 people use foursquare to discover and share new experiences. It’s also an incredibly powerful tool for businesses who want to connect with their customers, and over 750,000 of them have already signed up for our free merchant tools … Continue reading

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Find the perfect dinner spot, and make a reservation too

Need to figure out your date night plans? You can already use Explore to find great restaurants based on places you and your friends like and the dishes you’re craving. Plus, you can read tips from regulars and check out the … Continue reading

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See a friend check in somewhere awesome? Save it to your foursquare to-do list, right from Facebook!

Ever get food envy when you see your friend check in somewhere amazing for dinner? Now, when you see a friend’s foursquare check-in on Facebook and want to try that place too, you can click the new ‘Save this Place’ … Continue reading

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The next best thing to a real time machine – search all your past check-ins with the new history page!

Want to remember all the places you went to on last summer’s trip to Mexico? Or relive all the adventures you’ve had with your best friend? With our all-new, fully-searchable history page, you can easily jump to all your past check-ins … Continue reading

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Hey Students! Make your #4sqBucketList and win a Super Swag Pack from @4sqOnCampus!

The semester may be speeding by, but it doesn’t have to be all cramming and coffee. What about finally catching that indie flick all the film students have been raving about, or climbing the campus hill with your roomie? We’ve got the perfect … Continue reading

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Oh, to be sipping Caipirinhas on the beaches of Ipanema… Rio, your city badge is here!

To unlock Carioca, check in to five spots on the foursquare.com/4sqcities list for Rio de Janeiro. Starting next week, we’ll be rolling out the #4sqCities winning badges!

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